FUCID Researcher, Dr. Godwin Adejo Granted Patent Rights for 2 Poultry Farming Inventions

As part of its efforts to ensure that knowledge created by Fudma researchers create development impact, the Fudma Centre for Innovation and Development (FUCID) is proud to announce the successful approval of 2 patent right applications for the inventions of one of its researchers

The Researcher is Dr. Godwin Adejo, an Associate Professor of Biochemistry whose work on toxicology led to the development of 2 novel poultry farming equipment. The first is a newly developed and tested ‘Drinker’ called ‘Healthy Drinking Trough’ [HDT] while the second is a new form of ‘Feeder’ that is named ‘Healthy Feeding Trough’ [HFT].

Both are set to revolutionise the current farming practices with respect to the way poultry birds eat and drink. The whole objective is to prevent the spread of diseases which result from eating and drinking of contaminated food and water. The incidence of contamination itself results largely from fouling-up of water and feed by poultry birds. With this in mind the new products were designed to systematically eliminate the fouling of these channels and in effect curb wide-spread infection and transmission of diseases in the deep litter poultry farming system.

One of the key economic benefits of improved disease control in poultry farming is high productivity and profits to farmers as a result of enhanced efficiency of resource utilization. Additionally, health benefits in terms of reduced chemical residues in poultry meat or eggs and elevated safety of poultry products to consumers also come with adoption of these new technologies.